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Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Holland, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing). Saxion University offers a broad range of courses at various levels, including many international programmes. The quality of education at Saxion is monitored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as well as being accredited by several international bodies, assuring you that the programmes on offer are of a high standard.

Below are just some degree options for you on offer at Saxion University, Holland:

Bachelor in Textile and Design:
The Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Textile Technologies offers you plenty of scope to discover and further develop your own talents, be they technical, creative or commercial ones. The degree programme starts by giving you a broad understanding of all the ins and outs of textiles. You subsequently sharpen your focus through your choice of minor, internship, living technology project and graduation assignment. Hence you can create your own portfolio, based on the following:

• Materials: materials and production (technical)
• Collections: product development and creating collections (creative)
• Buying: business and market development (commercial)

Bachelor in IT Service Management:
Keen to lay the technical and organisational foundations on which all IT works? You will focus on how to advise organisations to set up and use the best IT infrastructure. You will be trained to optimise hardware, software and networks for users. Technique and architecture, together with system development and IT Service Management are leading. Learn all about computer networking, operating systems, databases, IT applications, communication and service management. You can also specialise in IT subjects such as Enterprise Infrastructures and Security.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Education in the Netherlands are well known over the world. Physiotherapy at Saxion has a very personal approach. There is a special International team of teachers to guide you through your study at Saxion and stay in Enschede. Besides their profession as a Physiotherapist, they take time to teach and counsel you in everything you need to successfully finish your study.

Going to the Netherlands from anywhere in the world can of course be a big step for many international students PLUS parents. Naturally, when you as a parent send your child off to study in another country it can be a tough one. Not only are you dealing with your child moving out your house, now being of age to study, getting on a flight and then finally planting their roots in a new environment. It’s a scary thing to deal with so naturally you want peace of mind.
If you are arriving from outside of the Netherlands, the University aims to make the transition for you as smooth as possible, and have therefore established a network of host families (Friends of Saxion International Students) who are on hand to help you settle into. life in the Netherlands.

In all three cities the universities have contracts with the local student housing associations. They provide Saxion with accommodation with rooms which may vary in size.
The rooms are all single rooms and furnished with basic facilities like bed, desk, chair and cupboard.
All accommodations have an internet connection. The bathroom, toilet and kitchen need to be shared with other international Saxion students, max. 6 students share common facilities.

Did you know?
Saxion ranks 2nd in international student population amongst Dutch universities of applied sciences

“Here you are not just a name or a number in the system but teachers and lecturers know you personally, together you have a very friendly and in the same time professional relationship.”
👩🏼 Marketa Vohradská, from The Czech Republic 🇨🇿, who is a 1st year Tourism Management student.📚 ✈️ 🌎

Can’t understand the above? Not to worry because you do not need to understand Dutch to be able to study at Saxion University!
All their classes are taught in English. The textbooks that you buy, documents that the university gives out are all in English. Also, all tests and exams are written in your home language. Most Dutch people speak really good English and German, and some even speak French and Spanish as well. So there is a good chance that you will meet many Dutch students who speak really good English.

If you have any further questions about Saxion University then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Our services are completely free of charge to students, with a maximum of five applications per student. All our student advisors are competent in helping you choose a university, right through to successfully getting your study visa for your specific destination.

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