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Ever dreamt of studying abroad and getting to ski everyday? Ever thought of studying overseas in an extremely safe and well ranked University?

If you answered yes to either of the above then we have the perfect study abroad university answer for you – Thompson Rivers University in south central British Columbia, Canada!


What’s also really great about Thompson Rivers University is it doesn’t just offer degrees. If you actually wish to study for a year or two they also offer diplomas, certificates and even apprenticeships. Whatever your needs are – Thompson Rivers University is there to assist you.


Living in Canada has so many pros. After qualifying with your degree, there is a really high job market waiting for you. Making relocating after you have finished your degree in Canada much easier. It is an extremely safe and clean place to live. This is especially important for parents who naturally want the knowledge of knowing that their child is as safe as he/she can possibly be whilst being so far away.


  • Astrophysics:

This course presents selected topics in stellar and galactic astrophysics at a level suitable for upper level science students. Topics include telescopes, observing techniques and data reduction, stellar properties, stellar evolution, galactic kinematics and dynamics, and external galaxies. A three-hour laboratory takes place every other week, and students use the campus observatory on a regular basis.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Computing Science (5 years):

Dual degrees in Computing and Business provide grads with a strong platform for a successful career. Whether it is working as a web applications manager at a marketing company, an information systems consultant at an accounting firm, or CEO of a new software start-up, BCS/BBA students will have the combined management and computer skills needed to be successful in a high-tech business environment.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science:

The Bachelor of Computing Science degree consists of two years of concentrated computing studies preceded by two years of general study. It is designed for those wishing to enter in Computing Science, or for those wishing to pursue graduate studies. The program will mainly concentrate on small to medium business environments.

  • Bachelor of Journalism:

The practical side of the program focuses on writing, editing, interviewing, taking photographs, and working with new technology to produce print and online publications. The theory side of the program emphasizes media law, journalistic ethics, decision-making and critical thinking.


Proximity to the House of Learning (where classes and the offices are), is  a two minute walk. The rooms are nice and modern, a double bed, microwave, fridge, desk and dresser is provided and comes standard with any room. This is a big cost saver as parents would have to buy that on arrival. Everything else such as the malls, fresh food stalls and various restaurants are within walking distance (1-2Kms). Visit this page here to see the TRU on campus student accommodation, and what it looks like via a video stream.


Students in the Journalism, Communication and New Media department are always looking for ways to apply their skills in the community and the workforce. So, the department has developed a number of ways for students to get real-world experience while at the same time helping to enhance the Kamloops area and local businesses and organisations.

The department has two main streams: Journalism and Communication.

Journalism students are able to gain work experience through practicum placements. Communication students have access to both the university’s formal co-op placement opportunities and the in-house practicum options

If you have received an offer letter from Thompson Rivers University then please get in touch with us so we can assist you in arranging your student accommodation. This is all part of our free of charge service to students. Even if you don’t have an offer letter but would love to get one, from this university or from another university partner in any of the nice countries we send students to, please get in touch today to take advantage of our free of charge study abroad services.

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