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    Can Imfundo Abroad help students from anywhere in Africa?

    Yes, as Imfundo Abroad’s services are offered virtually our advisor’s are able to assist from any location. Counselling sessions are done via Skype or over the phone and all paperwork is received via secure portal so advising and assistance can be offered to anyone with out the need of having to come to our offices.

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    Does Imfundo Abroad have a special agreement with the Institutions?

    Yes in most cases Imfundo abroad will have a contract with the University which allows it to represent the Institution. This also means that the Institution will have given┬áspecialised training ┬áto Imfundo Abroad Advisor’s.

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    Do I need to do A Foundation/Pre-University year or can I go direct to first year?

    This will depend on your grades, however in most cases you should be able to enter first year if you have high grades and have studied for at least 12 years. It will depend on your chosen country and Institution so please discuss this with your advisor.

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    How long will my visa last for?

    Your visa will generally last for the duration of your course. This will depend on the type of visa you applied for.

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    How long will my visa take once I have applied?

    It will depend on the country and the type of visa you have applied for. There are also fast track visa application services for most countries. Speak to your advisor to find out more.

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    What does Imfundo Abroad charge for its service?

    Imfundo Abroad does not charge for its service. Our University partners cover our fees. So students are free to use our service with no direct charge to them.

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    Are scholarships available?

    Most Universities offer scholarships however these are normally academic based. Speak to your advisor about options at your chosen Institution.

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    Can I work while I study?

    It will depend on your visa however in most cases yes you will be able to workaround 20 hours per week and full time during breaks.

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    Can I get my Tuition deposit back if I decide not to go to the University I applied to or I get a visa rejection?

    This will depend on the Institutions refund policy which you have applied to study at however in most cases you should be able to apply for a refund of your deposit if you have not yet arrived at the institution.

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    When are the intake dates?

    There are two intakes for most universities, one being January/February and the other being in August/September. However there are some Universities that offer a third intake in May/June.

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