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So, you want to experience Australia? You see all these impressive adverts saying, ‘Come to Australia – look to see if you have the qualifications needed for the (magical) Skilled Occupation List’. Well, as we here at Imfundo Abroad know to well, it’s never that easy or that simple (and often very costly) to get into Australia using this route.

Have you actually ever asked yourself why do you want to pursue a career that you don’t enjoy just to get a qualification on the Skilled Occupation List? Or perhaps, what if you are mature and don’t want to start a brand new career path?

Well in this article we are not talking about guaranteed immigration to Australia or any magic list. This article highlights how you can get educated in Australia and how this may in fact, open up more opportunities for you.


  • First, and most importantly, you get an amazing first class education at a top-ranked university and a qualification that is recognized anywhere in the world.
  • Secondly, by choosing to study for a degree in Australia, you could qualify for a working visa that then allows you to stay and work for a further two years. This can be further extended in certain instances depending on your sponsor.
  • Third, you don’t have to be just out of school to pursue this dream. You can do your masters degree with only five years work experience at management level, meaning you don’t even need an undergraduate degree to qualify. So, in this scenario, not only do you get a masters degree at the end of your studies, but you will enhance your career also.


If you are looking to do an undergraduate degree and are just finishing or have just finished high school, then the golden path of options and choices await you. As there are forty-three accredited universities in Australia, this means you can study virtually any qualification at any location in the whole of Australia.

The same is true if you have an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue a masters degree in Australia. In this scenario, it is then a case of choosing a university that suits your desired location and course.

However, if you are wishing to pursue a masters with only work experience, then you should be considering the ICMS | Postgraduate Masters Degrees which offer degrees in the following disciplines:



The above are all full time two-year programs, however, they have a guaranteed work placement as part of the program. So for the last six months of the course, you will be working in a job getting valuable experience at an Australian company. By doing so, this could even lead to further job opportunities. Best of all, for all the study programs listed above, you only need five years work experience at management level to be considered. They also cost a lot less to study than you think. With great advantages on offer also like your dependents can work full time and you can work 20 hours per week whilst studying.

International College of Management (ICMS) is a top business school in Australia which prides itself on its business links. It truly is a route to improving your career. To learn more about the programs then visit their website here: ICMS

To discuss the options you have for studying and working in Australia further, get in touch with one of our  experienced Overseas Study Advisors today.

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